Press Play: Hiccup

March 17, 2017admin

Women are bad-ass, especially when they front pop-punk/rock and roll bands. I discovered the band Hiccup after getting some advice to listen to NPR for new music and when the New York based group was featured, I was blown away. Their music is something that I haven’t heard in a long time and I knew immediately I had to learn and hear more.

The three-piece group consists of Hallie Bulleit, Alex Knudson and Piyal Basu, the group came together after some of the members were part of The LLC from “The Chris Gethard Show” and also the Unlovables. When they came together, it was nothing short of magic.

Their music brings pop melodies and combines them with strong and fast guitar riffs and layers them with a “buzzsaw distortion”. They have all the elements to fit into the rock/punk genre and my expectation for their live performance is probably at some some dirty underground club with Bulleit screaming into the mic, Knudson and Bass flailing with their guitar and drums and sweaty fans creating a mosh-pit as they sing their songs. You also hear remnants of 90s alt-pop songs with the more upbeat melodies and the blend of the two styles create some really sick music.

The music of Hiccup is really something worth having a listen to, especially since all their songs are less than three minutes. Their album Imaginary Enemies is being released on March 24 and after hearing their singles, I am excited for more from them.

Have a listen to “Teasin’” and make sure to catch their album when it drops next week.