Electric Kif’s HEIST

March 1, 2017admin

Miami is known for breeding some of the most unique and diverse musicians and Electric Kif is no exception. Their progressive, instrumental music is a fusion of cosmic funk, jazz, rock, which is heightened by the use of using only their instrumental talents.

The group came together with their shared passion to perform music as an outlet, as many do, in between gigs, with some members working with huge artists such as Flo Rida and Matt Schofield. After some time hosting simple jam sessions throughout Miami, they realized they had come across something which led to them creating their own band and now on the verge of releasing their latest LP, HEIST.

The album definitely shows off their self-described blend of genres. Each song incorporates the soul and funk layered guitar rhythms that are accompanied by vivacious keyboard melodies and drum beats that tie in the entire melody of the song. In some tracks, such as “L.M.O.R.”, you hear the rock elements with heavy guitar riffs that almost mimic the style of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour.

All of the tracks on their album have their own individual touch, taking elements from the different genres they sample and making it more prominent throughout each song. Some take a stronger rock approach, while others, like “Knives In”, even take elements from experimental electronic music.

Instrumental bands are generally hard to come across, especially ones that know how to use that to their advantage to showcase the actual musicality and talent of musicians, and Electric Kif have definitely not fallen into that. They know how to assemble a song with each instrument, which is why this album is really something unlike what we are normally used to hearing. I’ve never been much of solely instrumental music buff but Electric Kif’s music definitely has my attention.

The band has been quickly gaining momentum in the music scene, having been invited to perform at this year’s first annual Ground Up Music Festival and will now be taking the stage at Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival with Roosevelt Collier’s Allstar Band this weekend, which will kick-off their national tour to support the LP.

Have a listen to “Little Louie” in anticipation of the release of HEIST on March 10th.