Press Play: Ten Fé

February 22, 2017admin

Who would have ever guessed that a chance encounter at a house party in London would lead to the creation of musical duo Ten Fé? The U.K. group has created melodic and mesmerizing music that all happened because of a fortunate meeting.

Comprised of Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan, the two met and immediately bonded over their similar music tastes. They eventually began playing their tunes around the city, and as their friendship grew, so did their desire to create more.

Ten Fé, originally known as Fé, released their debut single, “Time”, in 2013 and was met with immediate praise, taking them to perform a session on BBC Maida Vale, which led to bigger performances and shows. This was only the start for these two.

Their music is a culmination of their shared love for dreamy pop and nostalgic alternative; a mixture of sorrow-filled, atmospheric vocals and catchy hooks overlaid with soft guitar melodies.

They released the 50/50 EP after gaining momentum in their career and moving to Berlin, where they began to lay the groundwork for their first full-length album. Towards the end of 2016, they teased out tracks, such as “Elodie”, in anticipation of the release. Hit the Light eventually graced our ears earlier this year and to me, it encompasses a lot of the 80s synth-music while also using the deep, dark indie-alternative style.

Have a listen to my favorite, “Elodie” and make sure to check out their new album.