Gender and Racial Gaps Are a Real Thing

February 14, 2017admin

It’s true.

As an all-female company ourselves, we’ve all experienced first-hand the double standards, exclusivity, and divisions that exist in the creative industries for women. But we’re also very passionate, so these gaps haven’t stopped us from expressing our voices and sharing our ideas with the city. In today’s current socio-political climate, constructive explorations on why these gender and racial gaps exist, where they came from, and how we can come together to uncover real solutions.

When we look at film, many stereotypes define race and gender in every story. How does that affect the industry? How could our beloved movies have been different without them? At this year’s Miami Film Festival taking place across Miami from March 3rd – 12th, crowds will dive into more than just movies. They’ll have the opportunity to sit face to face with some of the industry’s most empowering and creative female voices through their Google Talks on gender and racial gaps in film & tech. It’ll be a series of keynote talks + Q&As addressing solutions for gender and racial gaps in the film industry, especially in creative, producing, criticism, and technical roles.


Disrupt the status quo with Executive Director of the independent film distribution collaborative ARRAY, Tilane Jones, who is disrupting current distribution models to change the ecosystem of the film industry by being dedicated to amplifying the voices of women filmmakers and filmmakers of color around the globe. Get to know lady boss, Sarah Gadon, the rising star known for her eclectic roles in films such as Indignation, A Royal Night Out, Maps to the Stars, Belle, and the lead in Netflix’s forthcoming mini-series “Alias Grace” and learn how she went from in front of the camera to her directorial debut.

Learn Why Criticism Matters with Rebecca Theodore-Vachon, Film/TV Editor at The Urban Daily, founder of the blog Film Fatale NYC, and co-host of the ‘Cinema in Noir’ podcast. Rebecca Theodore-Vachon will speak to how vital it is to have a multitude of voices talking about film and why criticism matters to challenge a wider range of stories. And Subvert Stereotypes Through Comedy with Radhika Vaz and Nadia P Manzoor, the creators of Shugs & Fats (a Gotham award-winning comedy web series) who team up to talk about using comedy to spark difficult dialogues and overturn stereotypes and how their desire to spread the word of feminism was ultimately the driving force behind their comedy.