Soul in a Bowl: Shimuja Ramen Pop-Up Served Up Serious Steam

January 11, 2017admin

Your favorite college comfort food is all grown up. Ramen, once known as your budget-friendly campus store go-to, has achieved major #adulting goals. Enter Satsuma Shimuja, Brickell’s newest pop-up inside neighborhood cocktail lounge, Baby Jane.

Shimuja, the brainchild of Master Chef, Keiichi Maemura now in collaboration with Native Sons Hospitality, features an impressive menu. With ramen imported from San Francisco and bone broth cooked from scratch, this creative culinary concept boasts some serious authentic taste. In fact, it was Baby Jane owner, Jason Odio’s most recent trip to Japan that inspired him to collaborate with who he introduces as his ill ramen chef [Maemura].


Come for the ramen, but start with the small izkaya style plates: pork buns, kaarage or Japanese style fried chicken, and shiro shoyu soup dumplings easily add to the appeal of the meal. Moving on to the main event is Japanese soul food at its finest, the Kagoshima special ramen features wavy thin noodles in a thick pork broth topped with scallions, sprouts, extra kikurage, mushrooms, a seared half-boiled egg, burdock, cabbage, carrots, nori seaweed, fish cake and extra chashu pork. The dish, like its description is a masterful mouthful.

But, its not all about the food at Shimuja—though it very well could be. Odio, also one of the names behind other local hotspots such as Ariete and Sidebar, describes the pop up as a public awareness campaign. The six month cultural culinary endeavor seeks to showcase the exchange between East and West. Which makes it only appropriate that Shimuja would find its temporary home in the heart of Miami. After all, Kagoshima, the city where Shimuja originates, is identified as Miami’s sister city. Even more of a coincidence? There’s a street in Brickell named after it. Shimuja proves that ramen, like many a Brickell resident, has left behind its college reputation to become a serious sophisticate—that can still have a good time.