Miami’s First Social Good Brand: The THX Co.

December 15, 2016admin

Over the past few years, we’ve worked with hundreds of local businesses, getting to know the stories behind the products you see at our events or read about on the blog. This is how we truly get to the root of what makes a maker want to make, and share their goods with the world. As we wove through the maze of small businesses in our city, we started searching for a message with an impact; a story that rocked us to our very core. In a serendipitous twist of fate, we were introduced to the first social good brand to ever be launched out of Miami, one that’s putting communal generosity before corporate profit: The THX Co.

Here’s the deal. We all like nice things, but also love to do something nice for someone else (I hope) and THX has mastered the balance between self-indulging and selfless giving. As a pioneer in a new era for social enterprise, they’ve developed an innovative platform that allows consumers to buy responsibly sourced, high-end, everyday products at cost, far below traditional retail value. Customers can donate the savings or any amount they’d like, to any one of over 1.8 million charities in the U.S. Few things match the satisfaction that overtakes your spirit after giving back, and that’s really at the root of every THX Co. product. It’s more than just retail, it’s impact in a box.


Of course, there are tons of companies offering necklaces, shoes, clothes, and other lifestyle items that boast a percentage of their sales are donated to a specific cause that compliments their brand. But more often than not, that model is purposefully non-transparent. By that I mean, they could be donating 1% of a $50 necklace and then where does that really place them on the road to giving back? The Thx Co. solves this problem with a model based on quality, affordability and customizable giving. They tell you the price of their items at cost, and offer the option to donate the remainder of what you would have paid in mark-up, to virtually any non-profit in the country. This is ground-breaking passion here, people.

Their understanding that a family unit can only run authentically on the very ideas of selflessness, unconditional actions, and willful generosity is what makes them truly special. Maybe it’s because the company itself was founded by the philanthropic brother duo, Ricardo Juan and Ricardo Jose Bueso, or maybe it’s because they’re just that awesome. But either way, The Thx Co. is more than just a lifestyle brand with apparel, fragrances, soaps, candles, and other daily essentials. It’s a powerful voice towards conscious purchasing that appeals to both ends of the consumer spectrum, acting as a catalyst for the smaller businesses creating their quality products and the non-profits that benefit in the end. It’s all in the family.


On December 15th, with the launch of a new Kickstarter campaign, The Thx Co. is taking the final steps towards launching one of the most inclusive and widest reaching ‘social good’ brands ever. The most inspiring part? They’re calling Miami home and helping change the social narrative that this city represents. Give thanks (pun intended) for their cavalier efforts in a luxury-driven town, and find out more about their campaign below: