Press Play: Wet

December 8, 2016admin

Electro-melancholia. That is what I would use to describe the band Wet. The Brooklyn-based trio has been making some of the best break-up music and generally the most beautiful music I have heard.

The band, which is made up of lead singer Kelly Zutrau, Joe Valle, and Marty Sulkow,  has created their own unique style that meshes electronic, tinges of alternative and even elements of classical music which are overlaid in minimalist beats that will definitely keep you in a peaceful state or have you remember “the one that got away.” Either way, the young group is on their way to do big things in the music world. Zutrau’s voice alone can easily have you hypnotized and have you catching every single word in a song.

After releasing their self-titled EP in 2013 and their first full-length album earlier this year titled Don’t You, the hype from that album has gotten Wet serious attention and has definitely grown their fanbase exponentially.

Wet is surely on the rise and is one to be on the look-out for. I have yet to see them live but the minute they come close for a concert, you can bet I will be front-row with a tissue-box in hand just in case. To introduce you to this amazing group and understand exactly what I am saying, take a listen to “Weak” and  “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl.”