Ricardo Romaneiro Returns to Miami for “TRANS” with Nu Deco

November 25, 2016admin

At this point, Nu Deco Ensemble‘s selections of collaborations are equally as anticipated as their shows in general. Anxiously we wait to hear what renditions they will attack with their classic vigor, or what contemporary pieces they’ll bring to life on The Lightbox floor. But their special guests, those who ad a physical presence of excitement to the Nu Deco billing are the ones that leave us wholly speechless, as if we weren’t already.

Back in March, Miami’s 21st-Century orchestra welcomed the famed producer and composer, Ricardo Romaneiro to their ranks, adding his trademark futuristic musicality for two shows. This December, for Nu Deco’s 2nd show of the season, Romaneiro returns for more than just a collaboration, but a ground-breaking unveiling coming to life in our hometown. What will occur for three nights from December 8th – 10th will transcend the senses, bridging sight and sound in a whirlwind of feeling. Let’s get acquainted with “TRANS”.


Inspired by the Miami-Dade Public Transit system, and the idea of movement through time in general, “TRANS” is a continuous ambient sound installation with the intent of aurally transporting the commuter experience while in motion. The frequencies vary throughout the piece causing the environment to change and the listeners to succumb to the different thoughts and feelings we have while on transit. From delta waves that incite relaxation, to gamma waves that shift to fast and frantic sensations, it also transports listeners to another place, like a train or bus. Made for and brought to life by a chamber orchestra like Nu Deco Ensemble, “TRANS” will also feature live visual projections by Christian Hannon for a colossal immersive experience.

Where does the sound start? Entirely from transit. Romaneiro has dissected and reassembled recorded audio from field recordings of transit sounds, layered them with other atmospheric electronic soundscapes, and added a dash of his trademark color to bring “TRANS” to life. He then drives the point home by identifying each of the layers as the four metrobus routes, the three metromover routes, and the metrorail. What’s definitely certain is you’ll never look at transit the same way again.


“I wanted to utilize the Miami-Dade Transit System as a canvas and a platform to connect communities and bring awareness to urban transportation methods” said Romaneiro, a similar pillar to what his dear friends at Nu Deco have been creating within Miami. “I see the transit map act as a form of veins and arteries of Miami, and the people as cells & molecules in motion – it’s a living organism.”

Make sure to snag your tickets for the world premiere performance, you don’t want to be that one friend who didn’t jump on the train in time.

Photos by Alex Markow