Press Play: Buscabulla

November 9, 2016admin

Never has an artist, in my opinion, created Spanish speaking trance/electronic music that is so unique it is hard to even categorize. But Buscabulla did just that. Buscabulla, which is actually slang for ‘trouble-maker’, is the creation of Puerto Rican duo (and couple) consisting of Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle.

The two have created some of the most interesting music out there that blends elements of Latin music, such as salsa, with alternative/rock sounds and electronic beats to create something that most people haven’t even heard before. Their tropical-infused music had led them to work on their first EP, Kistuné, which will have you feeling some sort of way. The alternative Latin roots of the group mixed with techno rhythms is what gives their music something distinct and identifiable to them.

Buscabulla recently released a new single, “Tártaro”, which was inspired by what they have called “salsa érotica”, still continues to use the distinct style and sound but. They’re proud of their background and will continue to use it as the basis for their music and style. I’m hoping that with the release of this single, we get a full-length album from them. In anticipation for that, have a listen to “Tártaro” to get you pumped for what this group will be bringing and also take a listen to “Caer” from their EP.