Press Play: Monsieur Periné

October 27, 2016admin

Dance hall vibes are alive and well when you hear the musical stylings of Colombian group, Monsieur Periné. When you hear any of their records, you feel almost transported to the past with the old-school style this group emits.

One of the most entertaining and emerging Latin American artists, Monsieur Periné has been creating quite an impact and have really created one of the most unique blend of sounds that I personally have ever heard. The group takes elements of jazz, pop and swing to create their vibrant and distinct music. When listening to some their songs, it feels like you could be listening to an old record that your grandma had stored in an attic.

The band also incorporates a lot of their Colombian roots into their music and performance style. The spirited sound of their songs exemplifies their Latin heritage with the use of a Spanish guitar and the obvious Spanish lyrics, and even their incredibly colorful costumes are representative of their origins.
Monsieur Periné is definitely an artist that is something much different to add to your Spotify playlists and have brought back some really popular styles and added a modern twist to it. If you ever get a chance to see them live, it will really be an exciting experience. Definitely have a listen to some of their music and so you can get a taste, check out “Sabor a Mi.”