Massive Attack by Miami’s Music Buffs

October 12, 2016admin

Etched into the stones of electronic music history are those of Robert Del Naja and Grant Marshall, known to the world as Massive Attack. These sonic pioneers are powerhouses behind the English trip hop movement, representing progressive sounds that build into emotional masterpieces within one song. For nearly three decades, they have been taking music to new universes, parallel and otherwise, expanding the confines of what the art can do. Since Nu Deco Ensemble will be paying tribute to these Bristol powerhouses on October 27th-29th for their season opener at The Lightbox, we thought it would be nice to break down the best of the very best, curated by Miami’s ultimate music aficionados. Check it out:

David Sinopoli, Founder of III Points & Music Director at Bardot:

“Definitely “Teardrop”, Paradise Circus”, and “Angel””

Lauren Reskin, Founder of Sweat Records:

“I’m a sucker for vocals and Massive Attack have always secured the most perfect collaborators in this department. As a huge Everything But The Girl fan it’s hard to beat “Protection” with Tracey Thorn’s gorgeous voice and lyrics simultaneously conveying such strength and vulnerability. Shara Nelson’s defiant and soaring vocals on “Unfinished Sympathy” perfectly compliment the driving rhythm and urban ambience of the song. And really, if Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins’ haunting voice and Massive Attack’s saturated beats on “Teardrop” don’t give you goosebumps, you might need to clean your ears.”

Kat Bein, Writer at Red Bull Music, Billboard Dance,, and Miami New Times

“I really like the Mezzanine album, “Teardrop” obvi, and “Angel” is really goooood.”

Willie Avendano, Co-Founder of Wynwood Maker Camp & 01:

“I’m low-key emo so “Exchange”, “Dissolved Girl”, and “Man Next Door” are my favorites. There is something about that downtempo London sound that reminds me of an NYC fall. Walking the streets with a cigarette at 4am, still drunk and partially in love with someone and partially hurt by the same person.”

Which of these incredible pieces will Nu Deco Ensemble attack with their usual symphonic vigor? You’ll have to snag your tickets and find out!