Press Play: Angel Olsen

October 5, 2016admin

Angel Olsen has been in the music world for quite some time, her first album coming out around 2011. I recently discovered her just by doing what I normally do, searching through Spotify for hours and hours. When I came across her new album, My Woman, I knew there was something about the music and her voice really that made me want to listen to more.

Known as a folk singer, Olsen has been moving away from her original sound and has become more of an indie rocker. My Woman, reveals the huge leap in her career. She brings strong guitars and catchy lyrics to listeners while her commanding voice just bellows in each track. Her new album does provide more of a melancholic ambiance, almost like a pop version of Joni Mitchell, similar to what she has done in the past but nevertheless, the blend of a folksy-singer with such strong vocals and the indie pop-rock sound is definitely the makings of great music.

It is refreshing and also risky when an artist decides to change their own sound but Angel Olsen definitely mastered the transition. Her music is something that asks you to listen to the old to be able to understand the new. Such a big change in sound is definitely a huge move for any artist so I highly recommend to listen to her older songs, which showcase her origins as a folk music singer, and then make your way to My Woman and take a listen to “Shut Up and Kiss Me” to hear the new indie-rocker vibe she has going on.