Press Play: The Growlers

September 27, 2016admin

If 60’s California rock were to mix with psychedelia, an old western movie soundtrack and experimental electronica, you will get The Growlers. After seeing them live at a bar in Gainesville, I was in love and have been obsessed with them ever since then. With a laid-back attitude and music that created such a chill atmosphere, one was just caught up in a surreal high that was synonymous with 60s California culture.

The group, who are native to the west coast and have dubbed their clutter of genres as “Beach Goth”, have recently released their latest single, “Night Ride”, from their upcoming album, City Club, which is out September 30 (which I’m definitely going to be on re-peat for a long time). The song still stuck to that California, surfer rock sound that the band has been known for and it felt almost like The Beach Boys and alt-J mixed togeth-er.

Led by lead singer Brooks Nielsen and his signature crooner, raspy voice, the strong bass-lined song adds to a great collection of fall anthems. If you like this, you should definitely check out some of their older stuff (my personal favorites being “One Million Lovers” and “Going Gets Tough”). And if you happen to catch them live, you are in for a relaxed and weird experience where you might just end up hugging random strangers throughout the night because of good music and even better vibes.