Chance the Rapper Comes South

September 22, 2016admin

Ever since we first heard “Somewhere In Paradise” back in 2015, we have been blasting Chance The Rapper in our earphones; except this time we are jamming to his latest album Coloring Book and vibing to his R&B and soulful tunes. Some of us had to give in to Apple Music’s evil subscriptions just to hear his latest albm before it hit other streaming services. Do I regret it? Nope!

Anything for our man Chance. As he’s grown from mixtape king to the realm of the more complex jazz foundations that now back his spitfire flow, we just can’t stop being excited for what’s to come. And to make things even better, he’s making his way to the iconic Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater in just a few weeks on october 10th. We would tell you to get your tickets, but both shows have already sold out. Have no fear! We can jam together for now.