Revamped Transit Maps for Downtown & A+E District

September 12, 2016admin

As part of Miami-Dade Transit‘s Miami’s Never Moved Like This initiative, we teamed up with The New Tropic and local design gurus, Mixed Media Collective, to revitalize transit maps for each of Miami’s busiest neighborhoods. To coincide with A+E District’s Miami Soul Train back in August, we launched the new series of neighborhood maps with Downtown and The Arts + Entertainment District, featuring a breakdown on the area’s history, and a selection of historical landmarks and key local spots that you can get to along the way.

We went by some of our highlighted locales with the transit maps in hand, and took some snaps to showcase just how convenient Miami’s public transit system really is. To our excitement, everyone was just as down with the maps and designs and we were! With such a positive response, we’re already working on our next one: Design District, Buena Vista, and Little Haiti. But for now, check out the gallery below for alternative transit inspiration.