Nu Deco Ensemble’s Epic Second Season

September 7, 2016admin

We know that seeing classical music may raise its fair share of hesitations, with images of gowns and black ties floating in your head. But a Nu Deco show is not your average symphonic performance. It’s a time portal to the future, resurrecting the past, all to elevate the present state of what’s possible in our city. Two feet away from you, a violinist’s brow beads with sweat, a musician signals to another, and a story unfolds between your eyes. Temperature rises, cues are taken, and your heartbeat matches the conductor’s orchestral navigations. These people are doing this for the love of music; both yours and theirs, forever intertwined.

At the head of the pack, leading the charge with baton in hand is Miami’s 21st century orchestra; a genre-bending classical symphony inspired by the very city it calls home. Not only are they breathing new life into classical concertos, but they are single-handedly breaking down the barriers between the orchestral process and the local community by composing classical twists on modern favorites and promoting collaborations with Miami-based artists like Afrobeta, Raquel Sofia, and Brika. Over the course of their inaugural season this past year, they took a whack at age-old favorites like Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, and Radiohead, all wowing audiences in their own right.

Nu Deco 3
Credit: Southern Land Films / Alex Markow

The groundbreaking ensemble is back for their second season and with sold-out performances across the board last year, they’re making sure to pump up the volume on every level. Earlier today, Nu Deco Ensemble announced their 2016-2017 lineup and it’s every bit as epic as you’d imagine. After their educational shows in Homestead this month, the orchestra will be starting their second season hard on October 27th for three nights featuring the ensemble world premiere of Schoenberg’s “GO”, Sam Hyken’s Massive Attack Symphonic Suite, and a special collaboration with award-winning musician, Bilal.

Continuing their residency at The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse in conjunction with The Miami Light Project, the shows are broken down into sections, or suites rather. Throughout the course of the season, you’ll be welcomed with reimaginations of world-famous composers like Leonard Bernstein, Bach, and Vivaldi alongside modern additions to the genre like William Brittelle, Judd Greenstein, and Jessie Montgomery. Then, expect special collaborations with acts like Ricardo Romaniero for the world premiere of “TRANS”, Banda Magda’s Magda Giannikou, and Brooklyn-based hip hop crew Decadancetheatre.

Nu Deco Bandshell
Southern Land Films / Celia D. Luna

The season will run from October to April, with four 3-night shows at The Light Box, and one performance at New World Symphony, North Beach Bandshell, and The Adrienne Arsht Center. Among the artists that co-founder and composer Sam Hyken has chosen to reimagine for us this season is Kraftwerk, Frank Zappa, and what will be a heart-warming tribute to the late, great, Prince. Make sure to snag your tickets for the shows, set to sell out once again. Support inspiring local initiatives like Nu Deco Ensemble, and you’ll be supporting your soul.

Nu Deco 2
Southern Land Films / Alex Markow