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September 1, 2016admin

For the past five years, the Downtown Development Authority has partnered with the city’s top cultural institutions and creative collectives to bring about a celebration of Miami’s artistic scene. We call this stellar happening: Downtown Art Days. This year from September 9th-11th, the lineup will last three whole days and everyone we love has something up their sleeves for the special occasion. But just like you, we get overwhelmed with FOMO when there are too many great things to do. So here’s an insider breakdown on how to get the most of next weekend’s excitement.


First things first, head to the mobile app and make a profile. Come on, millennials, this is second nature to you. This’ll help make everything neat and tidy for you as you create your own schedules and get insider details on what’s happening at each event. There’s a lot of stuff, we know. You can break everything down by venue, event categories, or by day so however your brain feels more comfortable to really get a scale of what the schedule looks like.

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Then, tell your friends. We’re not kidding. Gather a crew and support the local community together. It’s easy to say “nothing happens in Miami” when you’re not in touch. But you have the power, my friends, spread that knowledge and see just what this city has to offer. Carpool to Downtown, park at a metromover lot, and hop on and off the FREE peoplemover for added convenience (and no affect on your wallet). That’ll also come in handy when you start snagging a beer here and there throughout the days (and nights).


One of the beautiful things about Downtown is that it’s the most saturated area in the city. In a good way. What we mean is, there are so many things to see and do there, even outside of Art Days that you can take the opportunity to really dip your toes in a lot of things. Once you choose your top events, check out what other hotspots are around each location. Headed to The Olympia Theater for one the Micro/Macro Cinema performances? Hop across the street to the Langford Hotel’s Pawn Broker rooftop bar for a drink before or after the show. Swinging by the Arsht Center for any of their events? Make sure to peruse the stalls at the Café at Books & Books. Whatever the occasion, never miss an opportunity to get out and explore.

Pawn Broker


Not only are there events at nearly every cultural institution in Downtown, but tons of collectives are partnering together to make the content as compelling as possible. People like Fringe Projects, EXILE Books, Miami Film Festival, Frost Science, South Florida Writers Association, Lip Services, The Miami Rail, and yours truly are all part of making this year’s Downtown Art Days the best yet. So make sure to follow them to check out where they’ll be and what their top picks include.

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