Press Play: Leisure

August 15, 2016admin

It happens suddenly. No warning. One minute you’re going about your daily life, answering e-mails and feeling productive, and then out of the blue, you’re floored. Something has just made its way into your life that you never knew you needed until the very moment of its introduction. In this case, I’m talking about the music of Auckland-bred band, Leisure. They’re sexy and textured, and of course they’re from New Zealand–the place where every one of your senses goes to die in climactic pleasure.

In this case, I stumbled upon the 5-piece electro-funk-pop outfit on Spotify, surging with delight at their initial track: “Hot Love”. After you become immediately engrossed in their cheek, Leisure’s M.O. becomes clear: groovy bass-lines and breathy vocals are fueled by catchy guitar riffs that blend effortlessly with beats to make your neck sore. It’s the kind of sound you want to dance to, and do other things to, for that matter. But it’s the band’s musical skill and tight productions that make them stand out; each chord hitting right where you want it to. They may be relatively new (not event a website!), but their experience speaks for itself.

The perfect sound to wind the summer down with, we suggest you give “All Over You” a first stab, and if you’re feeling like you want to sway in the wind, tune into “Nobody” which features some stellar bars by D.C-born rapper, Goldlink. Swoon away, ladies.