Summer Reading: Miami Film Festival’s Top Picks

August 8, 2016admin

Most of us have it in our heads that summer time is a period of relaxation and dusting off the old to-do lists here and there. That series you want to binge on Netflix, that movie you’ve been meaning to watch, you’ll totally get to it sometime this season. Well we don’t know about you, but this summer has been equally as busy as the rest of the year (no complaints here) so we’ve been looking for a literal escape. That’s why we’ve decided to give a revamp to those good ol’ reading lists you hurried to cliff note before fall. But instead of taking suggestions from the school board, we’re asking some hometown heroes and close friends of ours to clue us in on some of their all-time favorite reads.

In case you didn’t love the team behind Miami Film Festival enough, here’s a few reasons to adore them even more. They may be film buffs but their avid book-lovers too. We asked the team what some of their most cherished cannons have been and where they brings them to unwind in Miami. Take a look:


The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins — “A psychological thriller so gripping it drags you in from the first page, a great summer read! Preps you for the movie coming out in October.”

“Wrapped up in bed with a heavy pour of Malbec.”



“Leonardo Padura’s Mario Conde series is a must for all police procedural fans. And it comes with an added bonus, you can read it in Spanish or English. The whole series has 8 titles, but start with these four, also known as “the Havana Quartet”.

Pasado perfecto (“Havana Blue”, 2007), 1991
Vientos de cuaresma (“Havana Gold”, 2008), 1994
Máscaras (“Havana Red”, 2005), 1997
Paisaje de Otoño (“Havana Black”, 2006), 1998.

Grab that book (or your kindle! The Spanish versions are available readily on ebooks) and enjoy! And when the Starz TV Series featuring Antonio Banderas is released you will be one step ahead 😉


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