Miami’s Never Moved Like This

August 2, 2016admin

We get it. Out of all the things Miami is worldly known for, its public transportation system may not be at the top of the list. Or on the list at all. But that doesn’t mean that locals should just shrug it off and take the traffic hit. The more we talk about issues, really break them down and get to the root of the problems that face them, the more we can find out how we can actually make a difference and evolve forward. Most of the bad-mouthers haven’t actually ever been on transit, and that’s a real problem. So how does MDT respond to the ever-changing cityscape? By partnering up with The New Tropic and yours truly for a historical initiative: Miami’s Never Moved Like This.

As a pure-bred Miamian, I’ll admit that alternative forms of transit are not heavily incorporated into my lifestyle. But I will also add that I’m aware that educating myself and the city I live in is a giant leap towards actually making a difference. With the cultural paradigm shift happening throughout the 305, now’s the time for government departments to step up and modernize, to shake things up, rather. Which is why Miami’s Never Moved Like This (or MNMLT for short…we kid) is coming about at such a significant time for our city. For the next couple of months, Miami-Dade Transit & Public Works is dedicating time toward breaking down their newest system-wide updates, interactive messaging, and community pop-ups so that locals can really understand what the deal with transit actually is.

In case you didn’t know, Transit has been adding quite a few updates to their tracks. From A/C and free wifi at bus stations and transit options on Google Maps, to a WAZE data-sharing partnership and consolidating bus stops, it’s never been easier to bridge the gap between driving and using less highway space. More recently, they’ve unveiled their rejuvenated Transit Tracker App with a fresh new look and tons of intuitive features. You can tracks buses and metro trains in real time and are giving away tons of free Easy Cards pre-loaded with a 7-day pass at participating local businesses (and some of Prism’s own events). Find out all about it in this nifty little video we cooked up.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 5.20.53 PM

Aside from all of that, we’re working with Transit to make your experience more fun and friendly. Look out for quirky messages to brighten up your day, pop-up concerts and coffee, a super secret underground jam, and of course, the return of A+E’s Miami Soul Train with more surprises than ever. We will also be conducting a city-wide creative competition with The New Tropic that will give 3 local artists the chance to wrap buses with their crowd-winning design. If that’s not enough for you to be proud of your public transit, we have two words for you: urban planters. Trust us, you’ll love it.