One Night Stay: Yve Hotel Miami

July 21, 2016admin

For local Miamians and curious travelers, Downtown Miami is a tide pool of cultural congestion, with some of the city’s greatest institutions crammed together like some sort of bumping creative party. A lot of people search for that bustling “city” feel in Miami, something pulsing to the rhythm of successful minds and crowded street corners. That sort of life is the usual order in Downtown, the largest congestion of international financiers in the United States. Calle de Pared, anyone? Nestled among the cultural fray is YVE Hotel Miami, right at Downtown’s core.

It’s one of those clean and inviting stays, filled with life’s little pleasures like crisp, white sheets and rooms flooded with morning and afternoon light. Named after the wildly influential designer, Yves Saint Laurent, YVE Hotel is sleek and artistic, boasting galleries of local artists all year around. Entering our room after a long day of work, we were greeted with exactly what we needed to settle our souls down: wine and cheese. I see you, herd coated ball of goat’s cheese. Our room had a breathtaking view of Bayfront Park, Biscayne Bay, and Miami Beach in the distance; perfect for a few snaps.

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We headed to Biscayne Tavern down on the first floor, a welcoming pub that any passerby can enter right off the street. After indulging in some daiquiris and a pretty delicious Bourbon number called “Angel in a Barrel,” we then added to our love handles with some: (takes a deep breath) Grilled Chicken Tacos, Tater Tots smothered in melted Gruyere, Avocado Bruschetta, Crispy Shrimp, Ribs with a High West BBQ sauce and some pretty great fries (don’t judge). Our bellies heavy but our heads light, we sauntered over to The Adrienne Arsht Center for a little Cirkopolis with a backtage VIP experience on the side.

Did you know that the Adrienne Arsht stage is the second largest in the country after the MET? We didn’t either, and we’re proud too. The latest performance by the Cirque Éloize troupe, Cirkopolis is a whirlwind of choreographed dance, acrobatics, and wit backdropped by a dystopic view of the working world blended with the imaginative grasp of a circus. The entire performance is purposefully non-verbal, safe for a few under-the-breath ad-libs, so that all audiences across the world can understand the universal storyline and characters. The only U.S. stop on the 2016 international tour, Miami’s audience was eating up every play on light, sound and scrim screen. Every moment felt spontaneous, yet calculated to the simplistic tempo of the show’s score. All in all: a must-watch for a fun night out with the family. Bonus points: grab a glass of wine at Book & Books cafe before the show.


Tired from the cultural (and literal) buffet we engorged ourselves with, we came back to our hotel and fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows. The next morning, we were greeted with a sunrise view and a pretty sweet continental breakfast downstairs, the sounds of a waking city as our soundtrack. The meal gives a nod to the local culture for those interested tourists, complete with fresh croquetas, pastelitos, and other home-town delicacies. I had myself a fresh greek salad (okay, just feta), a veggie omelet, house potatoes (can’t go wrong), and a tall glass of freshly-poured coffee. When it comes to YVE, it’s the location that draws you in and makes this Downtown diamond shine. Being just across Biscayne Boulevard from Bayside and Bayfront Park, a few Metromover stops from PAMM and Adrienne Arsht Center, and walking distance from all those great rooftop bars everyone’s been talking about.

If you’re looking for a fun One Night Stay and want to feel like you’re in another big urban metropolis, don’t splurge on a flight to NYC or Chicago, you have it all waiting for you in the heart of this very city.

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Photos by: Natalia Pascual