Transit: Where Miami Characters Thrive

July 7, 2016

By admin

Whether you’re a hardcore biker or a friend of ride-sharing, we can all agree that alternative forms of transit has a seemingly endless list of pros. One thing we’d like to amplify, is the convenient connectivity of public transportation and the feeling of familiarity with your fellow riders. They may be strangers, but you have something in common: you’re in the same place at the same time. Over time, you realize you’re on the same level, waking to the same rhythm. Before you know it, you share a glance, maybe the same internal laugh at a funny character. It’s subtle, but public transportation has the power to make you feel less alone in the city’s hustle and bustle.

As part of the “Miami’s Never Moved Like This” initiative, we teamed up with The New Tropic and Miami-Dade Transit to add a little bit of humor to your every day commute. We brought in one of Miami’s most talented artists: Brian Butler, to bring it all to life. Butler, who goes by the handle @upperhandart, is known for his witty illustration style and has captured the crowds at Bonnaroo and III Points, to the homage-bearing facade of Sweat Records. We spent a day riding the Metro with the skillful scribe, check out his creations below. They’re super Miami, bro.


Just swimming through the morning news.
Just swimming through the morning news.