Local Synesthesia: Daniel “Krave” Fila Talks Music

June 23, 2016admin

Contrary to popular belief, there’s difference between being artistic and having creative tendencies. The main division is that everyone can be creative, even when absorbing something artistic. Like people and their opinions, art is constantly evolving, working off of cousins in other mediums and realms for expression. It’s no surprise that some of history’s most talented pioneers had a neurological condition called synesthesia where two senses are triggered simultaneously (Jimi Hendrix could see sound, FYI). For a little bit of creative immersion, we’re asking artists in a variety of mediums what their favorite inspiring things are in an opposing medium. For this installment, we’ve picked Daniel “Krave” Fila’s brain to see what music lifts his brush.

“I think out of all of the music I listen to when I paint, Reggae is in the vibe I like to be on the most. I can totally get down on that. But here are some of my other stations.”

Manu Chao

Collie Buddz
Nappy Roots

The Shins

Foster the People
Tribe Called Quest (forever)