The Best Things to Get to on Transit & How to Get There

June 20, 2016admin

Miamians are masters at talking-down things they may not have actually put in the effort to check out. Namely: our public transit system. Because of the way our city is mapped out, everything seems so far apart and locals have been conditioned to prefer driving over hopping on public transportation. But what we’ve missed over the years of commuting is just how convenient it really is, and just how much is being updated under our noses. In an effort to elevate consciousness towards alternative forms of transit, we’ve gone ahead and listen great places across the city that you have to check out, and how you can get there by riding transit. Let’s move together!

The Miami Circle
An archeological dig site right next to The Viceroy Hotel off Brickell, it is the only evidence of a prehistoric permanent structure cut into the bedrock in the Eastern United States. Believed to belong to a Tequesta structure, the Miami Circle was saved thanks to hard work from historical activists all over the city.
How to get there: Get off on the 5th ST stop on the Metromover, Brickell Loop and walk towards the water.


The Miami Science Barge
Operated by the brilliant minds at CappSci and a key into what’s to come at the new Patricia and Philip Frost Science Museum, the Miami Science Barge is a floating marine laboratory right in Biscyane Bay. They host field trips and fun events throughout the month, and are open to the public every weekend.
How to get there: Get off at Museum Park on the Metromover, Omni Loop and head towards Museum Park (in between the Science Museum and the AAA).

The Adrienne Arsht Center
As a home to everything from off-Broadway productions and GRAMMY-winning recording artists, to literary conferences and cultural festivals, The Adrienne Arsht Center is definitely a place to visit when looking for a place to perch as a true culture vulture. Keep an eye on their calendar, which is always stacked to the brim.
How to get there: Get off at Adrienne Arsht Center on the Metromover, Omni Loop. Right under your toes.


Wynwood Walls
For both tourists and locals, Wynwood is easily one of the most convenient destinations for a jam-packed day of brewery-hopping, art-scoping, and binge-eating in the city. It may be the most photographed place in Miami, but it’s still a fun spot to roam around freely on the weekends, or any day for that matter.
How to get there: The 2 Bus takes you from 20th to 79th ST on NW 2nd Ave and is pretty much the most convenient route ever.

Sweat Records
If you’re a big music buff and haven’t visited Sweat Records on pay day, you’re missing out. Packed to the walls with newly released vinyl and age-old classics, you can get lost in there. They have all of your music-lover needs, and really hit home with their collection of local tune releases. Say hi to Lolo (the badass with the purple hair) if she’s there!
How to get there: See convenience of 2 Bus above.

MIFF 2009

Ball & Chain/Tower Theater
These are two of the most historical outposts for Miami culture, not just in Little Havana but also city-wide. Ball & Chain packs nearly 80 years of musical history under its belt and on that pineapple stage. Tower Theater, the home base for Miami Film Festival is always showing foreign and independent films for the non-mainstream movie fans.
How to get there: Take either the 207 or the 208 Bus on the Little Havana Connection route and you’ll be dropped off at all the right places.

The Barnacle
Most people may not know this, but our city was founded by a series of families who settled here before the rest of the world discovered its natural beauty. One of those is the Munroe family, who built the now Historic State Park back in 1891 and is the oldest house in its original local in Miami-Dade County. Come for the history, stay for the gorgeous view of the bay detached from the rest of civilization.
How to get there: The 249 Bus (Coconut Grove Circulator) takes you from both the 37th Ave and 27th Ave Metrorail stops, weaving in and out of the Grove’s hidden gems along the way.


The North Beach Bandshell
We often talk about how seeing live music isn’t easy in our city, but of the venues that still remain, The North Beach Bandshell is one of our favorites. It’s a historic outdoor amphitheater constructed in the classic MiMo style, and backed by the Rhythm Foundation so it boasts a diverse calendar of world music shows all-year round.
How to get there: The 119 Bus goes up and down Collins Ave. from Downtown to 199th ST so that’s your most direct bet.