#PressPlay: Kelsey Lu “Dreams”

June 15, 2016admin

Brought into the world under the confines of a religious family, Kelsey Lu found her only escape to be through music. Liberating herself from the daily woes of her life, she escaped to the lively and energetic streets of New York. She is currently signed to True Panther Sounds, where she tears down the walls and colors outside the lines of conformity. Creatives like Kelsey Lu are the very representation of uniqueness. Her sound communicates a sense of pain, nostalgia, and a feeling of freedom. k3

Back in January, Lu released her poetic single “Morning After Coffee” where she softly hypnotizes listeners with her rippling vocals and streaming sounds of the cello. At first listen, the track is haunting and cathartic; accompanied with enticing imagery of fall leaves turning to color and the warm ground soil at the tip of her feet.

Last week the classically trained cellist offered the world a smouldering approach to music with “Dreams.” Represented in black and white with granulated textures and shot in Joshua Tree National Park, the video itself is cinematic. As the story begins to unfold, the audience feels the warm tension building which is guided by a soundscape of the coiling ethereal cello. As the deep vibrations of the cello begin to unravel and Lu’s rich vocals enter, chills run up my spine; it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful entrances in music I have ever heard. It embodies intimacy with pure intensity, where Kelsey Lu’s lyrics exemplify the meaning of losing control.

The track will be featured on her debut EP Church which was recorded live in a single take at the Holy Family Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn and is set to be released on July 8th via True Panther Sounds.