#PressPlay: COBI “Don’t You Cry For Me”

June 2, 2016admin

With a deep and soulful countertenor gifted to dive into dusky, dark depths and sweep up into fierce howls; Minnesota born, COBI is one of those artists whose enchanting voice and talents can easily sneak up on you and pump the blood back into your veins.

As a young boy singing the blues in dive bars, COBI instantly knew that there was something greater for him to come. The feeling where music brings you to life is so unique and undefinable. It fixates you in a space where you forget about yourself. Like a great film, it’s an escape where you lose yourself… but in the best way possible.


After spending a few years with synth-heavy alternative rock band Gentlemen Hall (now known as Tribe Society), the singer-songwriter ventured out on his own last year with two velvety singles, “First Snow” and “Walking Through Fire” and has returned with his newest hit, “Don’t You Cry For Me.” The track is an elevating composition that blends together gospel, blues, soul and folk but most importantly is a husky yet powerful ballad reminiscent of regret and redemption. Listeners can clearly sense the pain through his yearning lyrics, “Dark in the eyes / Tryna face the world, I can’t bare to / My knees hit the ground and my hands start shaking.” His bluesy attitude falls in a similar tone as Hozier, James Bay, and George Ezra but COBI exudes his soaring vocals complimented by digitalized synths and percussions to bring something unconventional to the table. 

Now, sit back and #PressPlay because he’s more than just your out-of-the-blue(s) type of artist.