Local Synesthesia: Jenny Perez Talks Music

May 23, 2016admin

When we look at the nearly infinite pools of creative expression, the lines between artistry can be easily blurred–especially if artists can find inspiration at every turn. For a little bit of colorful fun, we’ve embarked on a new interview adventure, spotlighting local creatives from every field and asking them about their favorites in a differing media. As our first installment, we sat down with local artist and muralist, Jenny Perez, to see what tunes inspired her most and keep her going through long hours in the studio. Take a look:

“I listen to a lot of different tunes while I paint, but mostly I’m always drawn to euphoric kind of music, heavy piano instrumentals, music that is somewhat romantic in a dreamy kinda way, I also enjoy House when I paint during the day. It varies plenty. Here are some of my favs and what I’m into now!”

Yann Tiersan – “Comptine d’un Autre”
(I usually start most sessions with this track, and sometimes on repeat for quite a while)
Most tracks from the Amelie movie soundtrack are pretty moving.

Also currently on repeat is this track called “Fade-Earth Mix” by Solu Music

I love Louie Vega for house because he brings in a lot of the tribal African influence and infuses it with Latin beats. It’s fun and keeps me moving. There’s also this awesome remix of “sinnerman” by Felix Da Housecat . It’s rocking my world right now.

A big part of me is sorta still stuck in the 90s so I listen to a lot of 90s dance and r&b, this track for example is the kinda feeling I usually go for when it comes to dance music:

I like painting to it because the words are simple, easy to catch and sing along to. Sometimes I mimic the lyrics on my paintings because they have simple one-liners. “Carry me Away” is something I would write on a painting … The beats keep me uplifted, time always goes by much faster when I listen to good House music.

I enjoy listening to Spam Allstars, they are definitely on rotation quite a bit alongside Sia & Florence + The Machine.

Some of these are classic favs for me alongside new obsessions:

James Bay – “Let it Go”
Amy Winehouse – “Valerie”, “Back to Black”…basically all of it .
Kings of Leon – “Knocked Up”
Post Malone – “White Iverson”
Hotel Costes – “Reality and Fantasy” (I listen to a lot of them all the time)
Jai Wolf – “Indian Summer”

Kings of Summer – “Ayokay”
James Blake – “Life Round Here”
Donell Jones – “U Know What’s Up”
“Addict for Your Love” – Death on Balcony
Tuxedo – “Number One”
Whilk & Misky – “Clap your Hands”

Lykke Li – “I Follow Rivers” (Magician Remix)
Alicia Keys -Unplugged Album
Adele – “Hometown Glory”
“Gooey” – Glass Animals
Lapsley – “Falling Short”
Radiohead – Weird Fishes (or anything from the In Rainbows album – it’s my favorite!)

Alina Baraz – complete albums
Jason Mraz – complete albums
Grimes – “Genesis”
David gray
Alt J
Nina Simone

“Music is a big part of my painting experience, thanks for taking the time to ask! I think it really affects the work in a way I can’t quite explain, but I’ve noticed that I never forget what I was listening to when I look back at some of my older paintings. I can tell you what album was influencing me at the time or song I was listening to while creating it. That’s gotta count for something.”

Jenny Perez is a culturally influenced visual pop artist whose work can be found all over the city. Just as vibrant as its creator, her pieces blend color with harsh lines to bring characters to life in a friendly yet intuitive way. You can find some prints and originals at Panther Coffee in Wynwood, see her mural at Midtown Garden Center, and she’s currently preparing for her first solo exhibition in Miami slated to open this Summer. She’s warm and welcoming, so if you happen to see the trademark ‘fro and beaming smile around town, make sure to say hi and chat favorite tunes! Here’s a little gallery of some of her pieces: