Prism’s Local Guide to Summer Style

May 5, 2016admin

Is it summer yet? ‘Cause it sure feels like it. As we find ourselves scrounging the closet for the coolest threads in this hot summer heat, we came across Miami’s best options right here in our own backyard with tons of local designers and outlets; it can’t get any easier than that. These Summer Must-Haves give anyone headed around town that extra cool factor. Plus, you’re supporting local, which is always the way to go.


Based and manufactured on the edge of Wynwood and the Arts + Entertainment District, and known for their nautical inspired jewelry, Miansai has been a Miami staple for some time now. Founded by former model, Michael Saiger, Miansai is an accessories brand specializing in hand-crafted unisex jewelry and leather goods. Whether you’re headed to the pool or hanging out in Wynwood, these bracelets come in an array of colors and are so fun to put on.



Pitusa, which means “funny little girl” in Spanish, is a Miami gal’s beach cover up go-to. When we think Miami, we think bright colors and that’s what this brand is all about. The light-hearted aesthetic of these dresses means they can be worn everywhere. Grab them to go to the beach, on the boat, or hang out on a balcony overlooking the bay and taking in the sea breeze.


Wynwood Letterpress:

Whether you’re on vacation and want to send home an easy “I’m alive” postcard or are wondering where to get bae the next occasion card, this curated shop is our go-to. Located right in the heart of Wynwood and tucked away inside The Wynwood Block, don’t let the sleek physique fool you. Inside you can find anything from Cuba-inspired notebooks to vintage motel key tags highlighting Miami neighborhoods (our personal fave).


Yerbamala Designs:

As more “mini markets” pop up around Miami, we’ve come across one of our favorite home accessories: the macrame plant hanger. I mean, hey, why not bring the outside in? This Cuban duo has mastered the art of modern simplicity. Yerbamala has all sorts of sizes and lengths to pick your macrame wall hanging and bring it home. Inside you can showcase anything from a small succulent to your favorite palm plant. For those out-of-towners that love Miami, they can be hung indoors and are easy to take care of.

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Miami, Beach, Ocean… Algae. Algae is a local lifestyle and Miami-manufactured brand founded in 2013. We fell in love with this brand the second we laid our eyes on the mesh unisex tank (pictured below). Guys can wear it to the beach or on the go, and it also serves as a bathing suit cover up for girls. Everything about Algae is Florida, from its vintage postcard tees and tanks to the coral-inspired unisex jewelry. We may grab a tank or three on the way down to Key West. Adios!


Del Toro:

We’ve seen them on athletes, actors, and local Miami street artists– there’s no way you can miss the Del Toro slipper. Originally a men’s brand, it has now expanded to shoes and accessories for both men and women. Every collection that founder and Creative Director, Matthew Chevallard produces hits the Miami scene with a bang. One of his recent collections incorporates inspiration from the West, we’re thinking Friday nights at The Anderson-style.


Nevermind Cosmetics:

Nevermind Cosmetics is the new girl on the block. No but really. Friends Vanessa and Mari have just started their company this year and it’s inspired by the ultimate 90’s baby. These lipsticks have names like: “HBIC” (Head Bitch In Charge), “Sorry I’m Late”, and “I Can’t Even” making them relatable to your ever-changing mood. Not only are the names fun, but expect to receive a Lisa Frank stickered pink package along with a tattoo choker when you’ve ordered one of these babies. Hello, middle school.


Wild Medicine Soap:

Summer means being outdoors, and being outdoors means there’s no way to resist the Miami heat. Wild Medicine Soap has a way of making you feeling relaxed with the crystals and stones encapsulated inside each soap. As you wash with your soap of choice, a crystal or stone that has already been cleansed will be revealed inside. No more soap left? That’s cool because the crystal inside comes pre-drilled for you to wear around your neck or wrist. Wild Medicine Soap can be found at A+E’s monthly Miami Flea or your nearest Urban Outfitters. Let the power of meditation resonate with you while you wash away.