Jamiroquai 101: Top Songs You Need to Know

April 11, 2016admin

For any artist, evolving with the times while still remaining true to your passion-led craft is a feat in and of itself. Those who achieve such creative assuredness have the luxury of developing a sound that can still be immediately recognized as their own from the moment it’s heard, no matter the place and by whom. On my radar, poised for the uplift and oozing funky perfection is a band that personifies this rare phenomenon: Jamiroquai. More than just “Canned Heat” and the famous Napoleon Dynamite (or Center Stage for you ladies) dance number, the 10-piece British outfit has managed to create a product that has not only aged well (or better, with time), but drips with a sound that is so singularly Jamiroquai.

They are free-form Funk personified, flowing from electronic foundations to stripped-down Acid Jazz throughout the course of one single album like some galactic cavaliers of sound. Led by their fearless leader, Jay Kay, and his impeccable taste for theatrical hats, Jamiroquai is equal parts profound and equal parts a great time. In honor of Nu Deco Ensemble‘s upcoming show at The Lightbox on April 29th & 30th, where they’ll be adding Jamiroquai to their catalog of classical renditions (joining Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, and Radiohead) we’ve put together the ultimate list of our favorite Jamiroquai songs you need to study before the show. Though we really don’t see where you could go wrong here.

“Little L”
Jay Kay’s voice rings loud and true on this one, backed by a steady rhythm and infectious strings.

Smooth and easy to dance to from the moment the song starts to the moment you’re sad it’s over.

“You Give Me Something”
Starts with a Daft Punk feel and builds into a something as catchy as they come.

“Love Foolosophy”
A catchy guitar riff and a flurry of strings lead this one into cosmic comfort.

One of their sexiest songs, a slinky bass and sing-along lyrics make it an instant dance anthem.

“Canned Heat”
Probably their most well-known song, there’s nothing else for us to say but: DANCE.

“Space Cowboy”
A perfect representation of Jamiroquai on low end, with soft vocals and a persistent bass line.

“Cosmic Girl”
Booms hard from the take-off, leading into a jam of epic proportions all strings and synths.

My personal favorite song. It’s as funky as it gets, dynamic, and reminiscent of a more cosmic time.

“Virtual Insanity”
The classic piano intro plus flurry of strings builds this one up to the Jamiroquai groove we all know and love. Jay Kay at his vocal finest.

Which ones will Nu Deco choose to play? Buy your tickets to the April 29th & 30th shows to jam for yourself.