Coming Soon: The Citadel Food Market

February 8, 2016admin

There’s no question that Miami serves up an abundance of culture at every neighborhood, on every street corner, in every home. With a history that reinvents itself almost yearly, the landscape is in a constant state of being poised for growth and change. But how do you ensure that everyone will get along, that each individual will feel welcome to connect and express themselves creatively? What continues to drive souls together to share and empathize in a comfortable environment? Food, of course.

Miami has stepped up its culture game all around, with the food scene taking advantage by presenting its greatest talents. From trendy restauranteurs, to perfecting the local bartending craft, and an entire movement of healthy and clean eateries, even developers are sinking their teeth into the city’s culinary future to usher in a new era: food markets. It’s crazy to think that our city doesn’t have the established food hall culture that all other great metropolises do, but the seas are changing and Little River is making moves.

With the overwhelming success of MADE at The Citadel, the neighborhood’s first creative co-working space, The Citadel will be the marketplace for innovation, the icing on the cake. Slated to open sometime next year, the food hall will boast 20 culinary outposts from both local and national operators, a butcher & bakery on-site, coffeeshop, organic bar, and more. Full of light and filled with inspiration, it will be a welcome place to meet and spend the day brainstorming or just hang for a delicious meal.

More than just a crossroads for a food concept, The Citadel will also have a mezzanine of fashion-forward boutiques with established design outlets calling the neighborhood home for a pop-up feel. But still, that’s not all. It will also house powerful creative agencies on it’s third floor, chugging out ideas from one of the city’s most historic parts of town. And finally, Miami will have the rooftop bar its been screaming for with an outdoor chill spot to top it all off. We’re talking happy hours, meet-ups, and all kinds of fun programming all with the city as its backdrop.

Keep an eye out on Prism for all the updates and partners involved, we’ll be your eyes, ears, and all other senses as The Citadel begins to make its moves. Read about the future of Miami food halls on Miami New Times.