#MiamiWins: Spin Gallery

February 5, 2016admin

“I hope to be more than just a store. I dream of Spin Gallery being a space that fulfills creative desires and inspires others” CEO and founder Ashley Artidiello said. This young entrepreneur wants to create an experience where anyone who walks in feels inspired and connected.

Ashley was born and raised in Miami, Fl. She graduated from FIU with a major in Advertising and minor in Marketing which led her to starting her own fashion blog, AshleySixto.com. Through her fashion blog, she wanted followers to be confident in their own style and not have to spend an arm and a leg to look good. In doing this, Spin Gallery was born as an online-only shop, where Ashley curated both trendy and unique pieces at an affordable price.

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She always had a passion for repurposing and creating home goods. It was during her wedding planning in 2014, when she began to get feedback on her calligraphy and crafty decor ideas. This led to her the inevitable land of Etsy where she opened her own shop: Spin Gallery Goods. Shortly after her honeymoon, she moved to Spain and became Marketing Manager for a Hospitality firm, where her time among the vibrant and passionate culture became the inspiration for the clothing at her shop.

On a whim, Ashley decided to snag a key location in Wynwood and turn her online treasures into real-life finds, taking what was an online shop for 2 years and transforming it into one of the most welcoming boutiques in the area. You can find the shop hidden away right off of 23rd St and NW 2nd Ave in the heart of Wynwood.

Along with selling curated clothing, women’s accessories and custom home goods, the Gallery will be hosting monthly workshops with local artists and artisans in the Wynwood community. The cool thing about Ashley’s shop is that “everything is for sale”, as crazy as that sounds, it is. Ashley has made everything in the store, shelves, clothing racks, wood pallets with inspirational sayings, and even the dressing room. Anything in the shop you can customize and prop in your very own home. Take that for a spin!