#PrismPicks: Nu Deco Ensemble & Spam Allstars

January 7, 2016admin

The incomparable cultural revolution going down across the city is more than evident, it’s real. And as powerful institutions hold strong, the opportunities for creative visionaries increase by the second, setting the stage for artists poised for greatness. This also opens up the floor for collaboration between said artists, where creativity is currency and real recognizes real. When these such occurrences are open to the public for witnessing, we drool with excitement. That’s why we can’t wait for January 28th.

What happens then, you ask? The classics meet modernity with a special performance by Nu Deco Ensemble for their Miami Beach debut at the historic North Beach Bandshell. Not only are they the only orchestra ever to cover LCD Soundsystem and have mastered music by Daft Punk as if they had written it themselves, but they also tackle staples like Bach, Adam Schoenberg, and Clint Needham with confident ease. They don’t call themselves a genre-bending orchestra for nothing.


But that’s not all, the crowning moment of this Miami Beach and late January concert (aside from the expected beautiful weather for an outdoor show) is Nu Deco Ensemble’s collaboration with Spam Allstars for their usual melting of the local minds. The two musical powerhouses with play a selection of the Latin Funk band’s tracks in an entirely unique performance where the power of music flows effortlessly between musicians sharing the stage.

Buy your tickets for the January 28th show and come witness two pillars in local music do what they do best for those they love the most.


Photos by: Southern Land Films / Monica McGivern