#PressPlay: Stolen Jars

November 3, 2015admin

I would advise you to go ahead right now and press play to Stolen Jars (and then repeat) before you even continue reading. If you are not enjoying what you hear you may need to consult a mental health expert, immediately, this band is kickass. Layers upon layers of guitars are coming your way. Then throw in some dreamy melodies with underlying drumbeats that undeniably make you tap your feet and clap your hands. From the minute I heard the first track, “Waves”, I was entranced and immediately sent it off to my peeps. I wanted to be able to claim discovery of this gem. Their most recent release, Kept, is unquestionably a cohesive piece of work carrying a similar sound across every track the whole way through. You may think it would become redundant but they know what they are doing here (it hasn’t gotten old for me after a week on repeat). Stolen Jars tunes makes you feel like you are floating through this world on could nine.

They acknowledge heavy influences from Dirty Projectors, Elvis Costello, and Sufjan Stevens (all worth taking a listen to if they don’t already adorn your playlists). The perfect dream sounds like an afternoon on the farm (Bonna-what…BONNAROO) watching the bubbles go by while Stolen Jars serenades your ears. I have a feeling their time as a sparsely recognized band is fleeting and I can only imagine they will be gracing the stages of multiple music festivals this coming summer. So if at this point you still haven’t pressed play, do it!