III Points: 5 Must-See Acts and Activations

October 5, 2015admin

III Points is less than 5 days away and, let’s face it, I’m freaking out. I wait (only semi-patiently) 365 days after the last note rings, until the next influx of creativity and innovation that the festival outpours effortlessly. I can easily be their biggest fan girl and I’m not even trying to hide it. But for the sake of keeping a semblance of a reputation in tact, let’s stay professional (and eloquent) here.

The 3-day music, arts, and tech festival has something for every intellectual, budding or full-grown. Of course, the largest crowds flock to Mana Production Studios for the musical programming which is stacked with some of the world’s best acts intermingling with local powerhouses that make us proud to be fellow natives. But an interesting aspect of III Points that sets itself aside from all other South Florida festivals is its attention to daily activations, covering nearly every creative and interactive topic under the sun.

Need help breaking down what will cause the most FOMO? Check out our top 5 acts and activations below:


Panda Bear – No, it’s not the meme-centric furballs we’ve all come to fawn over, although Noah Lennox is one-fourth of electronic revolutionaries, Animal Collective. He’s a musical fiend, blending sounds and textures almost telepathically, as if emanating from his very existence. Old school Hip-Hop here, Dubstep power there, and all that is fun and friendly in between. We know this set will be one of the most mystical, so you’ll see us at the front wearing all black and getting down. Hard.

Ghostface Killah + DOOM – Two golden members of Hip-Hop royalty, Ghostface Killah and MF DOOM have spent their entire musical careers creating some of the most influential tracks, poetic lyrics, and solidified characters. Their two stories have been intertwined nearly from the start, and DOOMSTARKS is a genius of a tease. This is a very special joining of the masterminds, as Ghostface Killah will grace the stage with a live-streamed DOOM behind him. Mask and all. The fact that this is on the lineup is impressive. And that’s an understatement.

AlunaGeorge – It’s amazing to see just how far this duo has come (Disclosure, DJ Snake, ZHU) since the 2012 release of “I Know You Like It” which, frankly, was (and still is) musical crack. She may sound every bit as sweet as candy, but Aluna Francis’ stage presence is anything but dainty. She’s a powerhouse in all senses of the word, turning performing into a near acrobatic experience to behold. Of course, her voice wouldn’t sound as great without the masterfully infectious production work by George Reid, whose live weaving we’re very eager to see. This one will most definitely inject the great vibes into III Points.

King Krule – Now this kid’s a musical phenom. A phrase I’m sure he’s been glued to since the moment he began working music back in 2010. I call him a kid only because he’s 21 and also because I’m jealous he’s accomplished so much at his age. Him and Flume can just call it a day already. Nowaitjustkiddingpleasecomeback. He wears nearly every hat you can don as a musician, spreading his passion for different sounds into several pseudonyms like DJ JD Sports and Zoo Kid, all of which make suspectingly great music. No surprise there.

Bomba Estero – Oh, we’re going crazy for this one. Easily one of the more eclectic acts on the lineup, this cast of Colombian characters will most likely burn a speaker or two with the now crowd-favorite hit, “Fiesta”. Call it “psychedelic cumbia,” call it “electro tropical,” but it’s definitely a feast for the ears in every note, every rhythmic beat. The now Latin GRAMMY-nominated band has taken the country by storm, regardless of nationality. Good music is good music, it needs no translation.


MOOG X Gramps Sound Lab – MOOG Music Inc is a center for sonic geniuses who create and develop innovative musical instruments for the world to experience sound in unprecedented ways. From vibrational tones that connect to chakras, to effect pedals, and synthesizers galore. They’ve teamed up with Gramps to showcase some of their greatest inventions at Gramps’ Shirley Theater featuring improv performances by III Points acts and more. A must-go all three days. RSVP here.

Future Classic Label Cue – Other than mouth-watering guac and a pretty rad speakeasy, Coyo Taco also boasts a homey backyard hang in the heart of Wynwood. This Saturday, they welcome Future Classic over for a special afternoon BBQ jam featuring some of their best players. With acts like Chet Faker, Cashmere Cat, Flight Facilities, and Flume…one can only expect greatness from this weekend party. And paired with the impeccable taste of III Points? Just go ahead and RSVP.

Experimental Instruments – If you haven’t checked out the Moonlighter Makerspace yet, this is probably the best atmosphere to get familiar with it. Fresh from your MOOG inspiration, Moonlighter is offering a musical experiment: making your own synthesizer. Developed in partnership with Korg, a pioneer of electronic musical equipment, you’ll be making your own littleBits Modular Synth Kit. Never made something like it? Surprise yourself with some hidden engineering talents. RSVP here.

It’s All Work + It’s All Play: The Outrageous Story of Summit Q&A – With past speakers like James Murphy, these intimate creative panels at Bardot cannot be missed. This time, they’ve brought Summit’s founders and beautiful souls over to discuss their inspirations and insights about the industry, and how they envision it moving forward. Summit is a collection of serial entrepreneurs and incredible visionaries who create communities everywhere their eyes see fit; all in an effort to “create a more joyful world.” Here you go, boo boo.

Soulection BBQ – Another sweet label cue hits Coyo Taco on the last day of III Points for the perfect hangover cure. Soulection is a digital radio show broadcasting from the West coast and dedicated to streaming the sounds of tomorrow into the airwaves. They’ve had heavy-hitters like Ta-Ku, have guested on Diplo & Friends BBC Radio 1 show, and brought Jaden Smith in for an interesting freestyle. Needless to say, they’re pretty tight. So check em out.