Recap: Purity Ring @ The Fillmore

September 14, 2015admin

Purity Ring rocked the Fillmore Miami Beach on Friday, and I’m still replaying the entire show in my head. The night was pure magic. From meeting PR’s sound engineer, receiving full access to the photo pit for the entire show, and being in awe of HANA, the night’s opening act, everything was falling into perfect place.

After HANA’s five-star performance, there was a pretty decent forty-five minute intermission before Megan & Corin hit the stage. There was no barricade between the stage and the audience so it made the entire show much more intimate. So intimate that I was looking up Megan’s nostrils half the time. When I got to the front and secured a nice little spot for myself, I made friends with the people around me. This is something I do at just about every concert/festival I go to. I love meeting people that share the same taste in music as me. These people happened to be my age and were all from the University of Miami (Go Canes! Even though I’m an FIU Panther…) They were so sweet and in absolute awe with PR’s stage setup. One girl even commented on how the string of lights on the stage looked similar to the Na’vi trees in Avatar. I laughed and took of note of that comment because it was so true!

The time has come. Megan & Corin have hit the stage and began performing their mysteriously awesome tracks. Every song from “Obedear” to “Begin Again” was performed with such passion and sounded incredible! (Shout out to Joel for making magic at the sound booth) Fans were singing along to just about every song and Megan could not stop smiling. She loved seeing everyone sing along with her. I mean, wouldn’t you?!?

The show ended around 11pm and I immediately headed to the sound booth to meet up with Joel as everyone flooded out of the venue. After packing up all of his equipment, Joel took me backstage with his wife’s family members (which happened to all be from Miami) and I met up with Solana, PR’s tour manager. Solana was so sweet and started talking about her crazy life as being a roadie girl. I was vicariously living through her and all her adventures but she said that one day I’ll probably end up in her shoes because I’m working so hard to achieve my dreams. This was really nice to hear because I’ve been busting my chops to establish connections in this industry and get myself out there.

All in all, the night was a success. I got to meet Joel, Solana, and even Megan! I’ve been dying to see Purity Ring live in concert for such a long time and now I can officially cross that off my EXTREMELY long bucket list.