Alessia Cara Unleashes “Four Pink Walls”

August 31, 2015admin

Juggling a 9-5, two needy cats, and a stressful morning commute can sometimes make you feel a little too much like an adult. And no matter how hard we try to be thankful for the “good old days,” imminent responsibilities wrap the nostalgia over with a dark blanket of seemingly desperate sighs. So, like most humans on the planet, I turn to music for a much-needed respite from the colloquial patterns, and it’s there that I find my sanctuary.

Pop music hasn’t changed very much over time. Where the bands of the 60s out-smiled each other, the pop starlets of today are clawing for a chance to be more “edgy”, which, in a not-so-surprising twist of irony, ends up looking more like an assembly line than a series of good releases. But every once in a while, a new personality shines through; the type of badass character who swims against the current and rises, bare-faced and aglow in youth, bursting through the surface with a catchy sound. That’s Alessia Cara for you.

She’s 19, Canadian, co-signed by Drake, can keep up with the Roots’ musical prowess, and thinks her current musical attention is a fluke. She dons sweatshirts and plaid instead of asymmetrical leotards covered in diamonds. Her sound bridges R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Soul in every track, with Cara’s assured presence laying down in the middle of the intersection waiting patiently for what’s to come. And what has come is her debut EP, Four Pink Walls, each track more personable than the next.

Sure, she has time to grow and things to learn, but what most female Pop stars are still striving to attain late in their careers, she oozes hard in every lyric: freshness. She released most of the soundbites herself, attached to homemade videos that portray the young artist in her room, hotels, and frolicking through the streets of her hometown. She makes you feel like a friend of hers instantly, and you can’t help but smile. Take a listen to her EP and be sure to keep your ears peeled for this one, she’s got an agenda and we’re sure it’s taking her to the top very soon.