Unearthed Gem: Kacy Hill

August 25, 2015admin

Funny how the emotional connection to music is stronger than just discovering a good sound that sends you traveling to distant lands on the coattails of a song. The energetic waves also bounce back with full force, diligently searching for eager ears to tune in and fall in love. Like any heart-felt relationship, musical connection is a two way street. That’s why I’m not surprised that on a somewhat melancholic day, knee-deep in work and no time to search for a playlist to match my mood, Kacy Hill dripped from the interwebs and landed in my lap. Just in time.

To say that she is illusive is an understatement. The UK Future-Pop siren released a hypnotic track and accompanying video for “Experience” back in September and quickly drew back into the shadows, like a talented little hermit crab. Nearly a full year later, Hill has not only signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music label, but she’s also gearing up for the teasingly artistic release of her debut album, starting with her latest unveiling: “Foreign Fields” (which you can watch on HungerTV here). Equal parts ethereal and powerful, Kacy Hill can easily be James Blake’s little sister, inheriting the profound lyrical emotion of her fellow UK artist.

The truth is, when we discuss the term “Pop” only a few clichés and stereotypes come to mind, and they’re not always the best to affiliate with true, unfiltered talent like Hill’s. But she’s coming onto the scene with an entirely new agenda: transcend time through music. And she’s already lightyears ahead of the game. It’s been a long while since I’ve heard something so refreshing from someone so sure of their artistic integrity and I honestly can’t wait to see how it pans out for her. Take a peek at her two addictive tracks, masterpieces in their own right, and keep an eye out for this sparkling gem, now unearthed for your ears to love.

Photo by: MusicSupervision