Dope People Doing Dope Sh*t: Part I

August 21, 2015admin

“Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent, not a singular conception of ability.”
– Sir Ken Robinson

When it comes to bettering your city through unprecedented innovation, there’s no such thing as competition, only recognition. If we all took the moment to recognize that, as a collective, Miami’s creative scene is booming with the passion of hundreds of like-minded teams and individuals, we’d all be the better for it. Let’s accept the fact that our city is going through a cultural renaissance and move on. Now, how do we welcome the wonderful change collectively? By celebrating it whole-heartedly.

So we’d like to take the time to commemorate the key influencers making the big moves in our cultural atmosphere but who like to remain in the shadows. Whether it’s through innovative initiatives, collaborative events, or a creative presence in the community, these intellectual soldiers deserve their time in the spotlight. So here’s the first of many troupes:


Miami’s Independent Thinkers
Four women, four brilliant minds, and a whole lot of artistic passion. They’re dedicated to unifying, developing, and promoting Miami’s flourishing art scene through innovative events that provide opportunities and potential for local creatives, while adding much needed color to the community at the same damn time. Their motto? Never give up and to dream big. And they’ve done just that.
The dopeness: They have partnered up with ACT/ART, in association with the White House to generate awareness, provoke dialogue, change perception, and evoke positive change around important social and public policy issues. Submit a poster design for the whole campaign and find out more about the incredible partnership here. #IAMTHEMANY


PechaKucha Nights
PowerPoint presentations are soooo 2002. PechaKucha is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images for 20 seconds each. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images so the speaker is forced to keep their subject down to 6 minutes of direct content. They’ve taken this invention and partnered with cities around the world to provide a “Quick Draw McGraw” way to inject cultural education into the community through hosted evenings of curated individuals.
The dopeness: The 31st PechaKucha Night in Miami is going down next Wednesday at the historic Deauville Beach Resort co-hosted by the brilliant minds at Tropicult in collaboration witn Fordistas. Speakers include: Joel Fernandez, product/81 creative lab; Alejandro Mendoza, Giants in the City; Natalie Meruelo of the Deauville Beach Resort and more. RSVP here.


Chad Bernstein
He’s performed and recorded with Shakira, Pharrell, The Temptations and is a key member of Miami powerhouses, Spam-Allstars and Suenalo!. But more than a horn player, he’s an artist in every sense of the word. From writing and musical directing, to being named a ‘CNN Hero’, Chad Bernstein has taken his natural gifts and jettisoned them into adhesive forms–bringing the community together through a shared love of music. Guitars Over Guns Operation is the non-profit foundation he started with his father that provides at-risk adolescents a creative alternative to their otherwise crime-ridden neighborhoods.
The dopeness: The GOGO Young Professionals Happy Hour on September 10th will be holding a Founders shebang sponsored by Russian Standard and Wynwood Brewing Company, to launch its Young Professionals Board. Tons of special guests are slated to perform and speak as well as rousing performances by the GOGO all-stars themselves. Find out more here.


MDC Live Arts
Making sure that the Miami arts scene never gets stale, MDC Live Arts has been the driving force behind the assured presence of some of the world’s most prolific artists in our hometown. They have sought artists that represent as diverse a voice as humanly possible, and introduced them to the community to elevate the creative education one exhibition or performance at a time. From Jazz greats like Esperanza Spalding and Ron Carter, to celebrated choreographers like Shen Wei and Kyle Abraham, Miami’s ascension to a position as an artistic juggernaut is due, in part, to them.
The dopeness: The MDC Live Arts LAB is a professional development laboratory for locally-based working artists. It’s a month-long workshop incorporating interdisciplinary collaboration, improvisation, and alternative models of compositional structure and is open to artists of all disciplines.

Macias Advertising
They’re not just a creative agency, they’re an incubator for far-fetched ideas that connect audiences in unparalleled levels of integration. Their award-winning campaigns draw from distinct memories and sensations. From a swarm of butterflies tickling every nerve for Fairchild’s new Butterfly Conservatory, to X-Ray covered buses that call your attention to Baptist Hospital’s top-of-the-line machinery, Macias transcends the usual product-consumer dichotomy and creates a platform for genuine association. They make us proud to say they’re locals. Their motto? Ridiculously obsessed with doing good work.
The dopeness: After winning the Miami Foundation’s “Public Space Challenge”, Macias is the guiding force behind Bay Skate Miami, a public space initiative that transforms Bayfront Park’s Claude Pepper Fountain into an old school roller rink, complete with hip-hop jams and food trucks and all your favorite things. Find out more on how to get down here.

Bay Skate