Florence + The Machine Review & Merch Giveaway

June 15, 2015admin

The interwebs have been broken by big news stories lately, one of which was the release of Florence + The Machine’s third studio album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, through Republic Records. It has been four years since Ceremonials was released but as a Florence fan myself, I’d say it feels longer than that. Fans have been anxiously awaiting this release to see what direction the band will be after their sophomore album brought them so much success.

The craftsmanship in How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is immediately evident, well done. I personally highly enjoyed it. Every album has a certain sound, a specific pattern or mood that sets it apart from the last. This one marks a dense, more serious tone compared to Florence’s previous work and her usually uplifting and climactic pieces. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful has taken the band down a darker, more raw path without forfeiting the band’s signature sound.

“What kind of man” was instantly my favorite song on the album. Like a storm rolling in from the distance, it starts off slow and soft, drawing the listener in to focus their attention on the lyrics.
Then, a stronger bass line drops and mood is shifted. As the song progresses, background vocals come in that create an almost eerie, spine-tingling feeling. That initial beat transformed and the song takes you somewhere completely new and unexpected.

From looking at the title alone the audience would assume this is going to be a typical breakup song. However, the music and lyrics work together to create a really unique listening experience. This song will bring many people back to a point in their lives where someone has done them wrong, or they’ve felt immense pain. But you won’t feel alone. Florence has the genuine power to do that. This memory came flooding back for me whenever I hear the chorus. The lyrics pack a punch and the music makes you want to jam out and get lost in the moment. The combination of Florence’s voice and the lyrics struck a chord with me that I know won’t leave for quite a while.

“Ship to Wreck” is another great song on the album. It shows off her vocal to the highest degree. The sound of this song is different than what we’re used to with Florence, but it has an upbeat melody and lyrics that anyone can relate to. It shows an emotional, raw side of Florence that isn’t seen too often. This song was catchy and after while I found it hard to resist singing along. It’s one of those songs that’s perfect to sing along to with your friends before going out for the night.

Florence Welch is most famous for her powerful voice which is highlighted throughout her new work. The lyrics hold meaning, they draw in audience, entice and capture you. The reoccurring theme of the album is a dramatic breakup. This album is more stripped down than her previous work in my opinion. Her soulful aesthetic that she’s famous for thrives on the new record. Taking the simple route with How Big worked in the band’s favor and showcases their artistry in a refreshing light. A light you can’t wait to be washed in over and over again.

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