#PressPlay: Flume @ Grand Central

May 11, 2015admin

Kangaroos and surfer dudes are no longer the best thing to come from the land down under. With artists like Flight Facilities, Chet Faker, and basically anyone off the Future Classic label taking the world by storm, Australia is a musical heavyweight to say the least. But one shining star has emerged over the past few years, one with powerful drops and party-led rhythms: Flume.

He may be young, but Howard Edward Streten makes up for his lack of years with strategically produced beats and a quasi Dubstep foundation. His remix of Disclosure’s “You & Me” and “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith are among some of the most listened-to Electronic tracks on Spotify. If that’s not enough to get your eyebrows raised, catch him in person at Grand Central on June 17th and sway in a sea of 18+ ravers on the verge of epileptic shock with his cuteness.

Did we just call him cute? You’re darn tootin’ we did. Look at that smooth face. But don’t let that adorable exterior fool you. This kid can sell out headlining shows within hours (which he did with Grand Central) and not look back. Have a jam with a few of our favorite tracks below, and get prepared for a true summer party come June.