Your Summer Music Festival Survival Kit

April 17, 2015admin

As Summer’s fast approaching (even though Miami has basically been experiencing its climate since late February), the bedazzled bras and high waisted shorts are coming back out for another high-octane Facebook feed run. That’s right, it’s festival season, baby! If you’re a seasoned festival vet like we are, you know that there’s nothing worse than finding yourself longing for an item you forgot to pack. One lost stick of gum can set the course for the entire weekend. You’ll also know the unique feeling of satisfaction when you have just the item a friend is looking for frantically. Mmmm, minty.

Before you go crying over one outrageous festival lineup after the other, make sure you’re prepared to take those babies on in style! If you’re anything like me, I come prepared to survive and have a great time while doing so. I’m serious. This isn’t a game, boo. I’ve been called a “festival fairy” by a complete sparkly eye shadowed stranger before, and taken it directly to heart. So you wanna be a festival Rambo? *insert America’s Next Top Model theme* You want to be the group savior at a time that’ll make or break your friend’s entire experience?

Our team at Prism has pooled together the items they know they can’t enjoy a festival without. Festival enjoyment is one patterned fanny pack away, so take a look at our Festival Survival Kit…print it out…check those things off…and have an epic time!


This is the first item on the list because it’s the most important. We’re talking life or death here, and that’s not an analogy. Take a look and see if the fest you’re going to has refilling stations, which usually means they allow CamelBaks or water bottles in. Bring those, too. If not, use most of your allotted cash to buy water whenever you can, and try to keep that ish cool.

A festival never really happened if you don’t have photographic proof. We like the Fujifilm mini, its printed pictures become more than just memories, they become collector’s items. Also, it’s heavy duty so you can bounce as much as you want. GoPros provide great panoramic views of your favorite sets and that’s a nice feature for when you’re with a big group of people trying to take a selfie. I mean, how else are you going to remember all the moments you don’t…

We’re not kidding. Chew on that one.

A sweet festival tan is nice, but burning at a music festival is never fun and can make those backpack straps extra uncomfortable.

A Bandana.
This is the most versatile item in the kit. It can be a piece of added flare, a dust blocker at Burning Man, or, when dunked into a bucket of ice cold water, a way to keep cool on a hot festival’s day. For the extreme festivalgoers, it can also double as a towel if you’re hell bent on saving space.

A Blanket.
Everyone’s feet get tired at one point and what better way to listen to a band while looking up at palm trees and clouds to re-energize? The more colorful the better to spot from crowds away.

A Fan.
Battery powered or woven with colorful lace, you can’t argue against a nice gust of hand-made wind. Turn around and see a group of lobsters itching for a little viento.

A Pair of Sweet Sunglasses.
This one might be obvious, but time and time again these babies get left in your car or back at the campsite. There’s really nothing worse than having to watch a Bon Iver sunset set with your eyes in a perpetual squint. I love my Solo sunglasses, each pair is made from recycled bamboo and helps fund eye care for people in need. Now that’s good festival karma.

Just because. Blow them, you’ll see we’re not playing around.

Plastic Bags.
Festival weather is as unpredictable as the sets you’re waiting to see. Don’t go home without a phone or working keys. A simple sandwich bag works just fine.

You got a perfect spot to see your favorite band right in front of the stage. Good for you! Now do the right thing so you don’t go deaf. Ear Peace is high quality, and comes with a useful keychain holder.

Blisters are not a joke. And these things take up no space.

Portable Phone Charger.
My first festival rule is to turn your phone off, or on airplane mode. Enjoy that experience to the fullest! You’ll find your friends eventually. But if you really can’t live without updating your Instagram, bring one of these along to make sure you’re phone’s got enough juice to last the day. Urban Outfitters has some great, solar powered, compact options.

Light Toys.
Even if light-up toys are not your thing, they’re a great way to distract those ravers who don’t understand the concept of personal space. Crack those glow sticks and watch how many friends you make in the next 10 seconds. But really, who doesn’t like shiny things?

A Fanny Pack or Backpack.
I mean, where else are you going to store the above items? If your festival allows backpacks, add on to the core list of stuff. If it doesn’t, fanny packs are your next best bet. Plus, they take up less space than a backpack so you don’t keep bumping into surrounding dancers and kill their vibe every time you try to “get low”. Thank god those things came back in style, amIright?

Meet-up Location.
Okay, this item can’t be stored in a backpack (unless you make a dope totem for your crew!). But whether you’re going with a whole group, or riding solo, a meet-up location is a great way to get your bearings straight and just in case your friend’s phones fail them (see: portable phone charger). Also, make sure the spot is a fixed structure. Remember, the Coachella art installations are constantly on the move. That’s not funny when your friends are too far gone to notice the difference…

And most importantly, remember everything works out. There’s no point in stressing out over missing an act or losing a friend. You’re at a music festival for Christ’s sake! It’s always better to be the group sherpa than the Debbie downer.

A happy festival season to you all!